Social Media is Not Just Another Marketing Vertical

I just had a piece published on Forbes online on this topic. I talk about how social media is not a marketing vertical, and not a vertical at all really. To me, as a social media entrepreneur and business owner, it is more of a horizontal layer that touches all facets of a business. I’ve seen it impact — and improve — customer service, sales, recruiting, retention and more. Some Reco’s:

Don’t Always Lean on KPIs- There is much more to social and if you get lost in the weeds on ROI and KPI’s (only) you will lose out on the bigger story.

Use a Wider Lens- You need to think more holistically than just talking about conversions and sales. Think branding, communication, customer service etc. Use social wisely!

Find What Resonates- and double down- You have two ears and one mouth, so you need to really listen much more than you talk. This uncontrolled medium is a powerful one and if you learn what your customers + prospects are really saying or looking for you can accomodate accrodingly.

Social networks afford you a unique opportunity to inexpensively engage with a lot of people at once, and you can glean a lot of intrinsic value from that. Part and parcel to this is understanding that not everything is a direct knockout blow. (Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook goes deep on the concept of giving before you get). Not every status, tweet, pin, share, like, comment or action will lead to a sale, but in the aggregate they are furthering your importance and relevance to potential clients. Covet that instead of losing sight of the bigger picture.

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