WeWork — Works!

WeWork is an amazing community of companies and I am so happy to be a part of it. I have found so much value in many different areas and it has been a huge boost to my bottom-line.


Before I joined the WeWork world in February of 2015, I had a couple of clients in different NYC locations. Since joining I have earned 4 new clients, one of whom just signed their contract this week and works right down the hall. He was intrigued by our offerings, but more importantly he had seen me and my team in action in conference rooms and common areas and felt we would be a great solution for his company. We literally earned the business, just by doing our jobs and exhibiting what we do in live action. So awesome!


I have been using the App/website religiously to market our services and get the word out about Sircle Media. It has created many introductions each month, which has led to new clients and some new partners that offer services that I now pass along to my clients. I have had other members tag me on a post looking for services we offer (I call it a WeWork alley-oop) and the Community Managers have made some one-to-one introductions to people they just felt would be good for me to know.

We also held a class in May on Facebook Advertising Strategy at our offices recently. We posted it on the App and pushed it through the local newsletter, which garnered a lot of interest for the course. We will also probably follow up with some sort of virtual version for those around the world who could not attend in person.


My whole team loves the energy and the engagement with other people around them. We have been tenants in two other “co-working” environments in NYC in the past 3 years, but both were very quiet and there was little to no collaboration.

Our Community Managers at WeWork 42nd Street (who are awesome BTW) force you (in the most subtle and positive way) to get out and communicate with others and the benefits are amazing. From office hours, to happy hours, there is always something going on and a reason to get away from your desk and either learn or live a bit more.


Though my company (knock wood) is growing quickly, we are still a small group. Some prospects are weighing whether they want to work for a small or large organization and I think WeWork allows me to provide both. A new candidate can get all of the benefits of working with a small, tight knit and collaborative group of thinkers, while also being part of a much bigger community. Here they can walk around and see lot of different faces each day and I often find members of my team just chatting up neighbors over lunch in the kitchen area. WeWork has allowed me to give the best of both worlds, which has helped my recruiting in a big way.


One of my employees came with me to WeWork Fulton very early in his career with me to visit a client last summer. When we walked into the office they had two bartenders serving drinks and the World Cup on a huge screen in the common area. He was hooked right away and said “we need to get in here and never leave!” True story…

In addition to that, the “Member Benefits” section of the App, allows me to pass along solid employee perks of real value to my team. I really believe in trying to give a lot of value to my employees, but it is hard to vet out partners or perks while also managing a small business day to day. I had considered Anyperk after reading about them in Fast Company, but I realized that the WeWork benefits were comparable and are included in my membership. Awesome!

WeWork is such a fitting name for this organization. As an Entrepreneur and builder of businesses, my biggest areas of focus/concern are sales, marketing, recruiting and retention and here I have a huge ally for all of them.

That means more than you know…

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