Facts or reason LOL.
Larry Hayden

Number one, the press is free. Full stop. Second, it’s laughable that you’re talking about being held to ethical standards when neither Trump nor his cabinet are divulging their financial information for the purpose of checking for conflicts of interest. Trump wants an exception to be made for him which hasn’t been made in the modern era. His reasons? A) “I’m being audited and am forbidden.” The IRS showed that was a lie, there’s nothing barring him from showing his returns. Then it was B) “Only the press cares.” Well, so? The press INVESTIGATES. That’s what they do. That’s their job, to investigate so that the citizens are informed. And many, many people DO want to see his tax returns, for the simple reason that there’s likely many conflicts of interest.

So enough about holding journalists to ethical standards. Trump wants to be above the law and all conventions, and you’re one of the people who apparently didn’t vote for a Republican, but for “The Leader” and your loyalty is to him personally. Soon, we’ll all have to take that oath…

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