As i run to the sunset

How is it possible to not self-actualize every night when I run to the sunset and open my senses to the life in and around me?

Breathing in, I am breathing in. breathing out, I am breathing out.

dynamism and life force.

This mind that I used to wither in, I now dance a mighty serenade with. A traveling gypsy to my limitations. Never settling, always wandering. Searching, yet gratified and complete. Washed by a wave of vitality. Standing on the shore of majestic existence. Finale-less, always enduring.

In my vulnerability, I feel whole. In my instability, I am awakened. In our interconnecetedness, we are ever shaken but never shook down. When you look at the sun set in the twilight sky, how can you not sing the song of your spirit? Of our spirit? We must work harder. Push our perspective limitations through the washing clean of our boundaries. We become characterless if we gain clarity. Technology can create apps, assist in solving diseases, create industries. Can it heal families? Can it realize our non-duality? It cannot. Conversations Can. It is not enough to simply show up in life. We must engage with it and with one another.

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