Confronting non-duality

good morning and happy evening! welcome to my blog. you’ve made it to the quiet yet completly open space for my reflections and dreams.

On Life: We live, but do not necessarily thrive. We breathe, yet we are not necessarily alive. i am on a journey to feel, flourish, and experience with an open mind and bright eyes, and i humbly, sincerely invite you to join along.

  • daydreamer
  • lover of the creative flow
  • living out my dreams by recognizing the needs of others.

Eric Fromm, founding member of the Frankfurt School which critiqued social and economic systems that stifle personal growth and well-being, speaks to the truth that our livelihoods are dominated by tension and dichotomy. The tension between fear of isolation and desire for freedom. as i learned in yoga teacher training, the two greatest tragic flaws of human beings are our cravings and our fears. we live on a bombing ground of dichotomies. imploding where you thought safe. sudden. fearful. magnificent.

a life well lived?

rather, a life spent loving well and well loved.

a balanced life.

Fromm asserts that optimal mental health involves on orientation towards being, rather than having:

“People look for pleasure and excitement, instead of joy; for power and property, instead of growth. They want to have much, and use much, instead of being much”.

However, he contends that we can take steps to achieve a productive personality:

  1. Will one thing
  2. Be fully awake
  3. Be aware
  4. Concentrate
  5. Meditate

To this, friends, we strive. We can start with a ten minute meditation, which might soon turn to twelve minutes, then eighteen, perhaps even twenty.


I turn twenty next year.

what a beautiful, catastrophic realization.

the content you will find are gauranteed to not make sense at times. my intention is not to edit this content, but revise my life. a stream of consciousness of sorts! a creature running on whims, on self-doubt, on pleasure, on caution, security, blanketed with snowflakes of the wonderful experience that life is. it is the double rainbow in the community park after the afternoon drizzle. it is horrible devastation at the realities of our mortality and our failure in morality. it is delightful summer afternoons in my kitchen next to the my brother.

inspiring, didactic, contagious. shallow yet the deepest, most brilliant part of all of us. we are ones to be made connected, we are ones to be made fulfilled.



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