Miller and Bannon, as lead writers, only have to keep pulling any debate back to the corruption of powerful, liberal institutions who robbed Marty Bannon of his American birthright.
Debate Won’t Save You: Some thoughts on the Steves.
Jay Caspian Kang

Thank you for this insightful piece. I’m wondering if you can speak to something that keeps nagging at me as I read article after article after article, namely: Why is their vitriol reserved so exclusively for liberal corruption within so-called liberal institutions? (and when did big banks become seen as liberal institutions, for that matter?)

Why, for example, aren’t they just as outraged that a man like trump (and all the institutions he embodies and represents) would make obscene amounts of money off the backs of the working class, not treat them well, and cheat them? Why aren’t they equally as incensed at the pursuit of wealth and power on the right that has such disastrous economic effects on the Marty Bannons of the country? How come their ire is so specifically reserved for only one side of the corruption coin?

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