Is FINNEY™ Really A More Secure Hardware Wallet?

Every member of the crypto community is interested in storing their cryptocurrency in the most secure way possible. The current standard is to use a hardware wallet, but are the current solutions secure enough, and does the status quo stand up to scrutiny?

Hardware wallets provide a number of advantages: they do not have a static connection to the internet, which prevents them from being a literal moving target for hackers. They also protect the private key on a secure element and shield the private key from everyone (including the user) as an added layer of protection. This means that no one, including the user, ever actually sees the private key.

Current Struggles

The biggest weakness for all hardware devices is that they all require a 3rd-party device in order to access them. Device manufacturers can create all of the safeguards and protections they can think of to protect transactions, the wallet’s private key, and ultimately — the currencies stored within, but their security efforts will always be on-top solutions on an unknown 3rd-party device.

The overwhelming majority of people are not cyber-security experts, and probably wouldn’t know if their computer was corrupted by a virus or malware. Since the device’s security software needs to be installed onto the operating system (as opposed to into the operating system) it is far from immutable. This makes wallet software a juicy target for hackers since they could gain access to countless wallets and gain control of all of the contents through a single piece of malware.

FINNEY™’s Uniquely Safe and Secure Protection

SIRIN LABS’ FINNEY™ smartphone will have an embedded cold storage wallet. What makes this wallet special is that it’s the only device that of its kind that will be able to oversee security over all aspects of a transaction. Due to the FINNEY™ wallet’s innate connection to the FINNEY™ device, there will be no need to connect the FINNEY™ to any other device.

From the moment FINNEY™’s Safe Screen is activated and the cold storage wallet is warmed, SIRIN OS™’ multi-layered cybersecurity suite will be able to oversee protection of the FINNEY™ device, the FINNEY™ wallet, and the transactions themselves.

The unique combination of SIRIN OS™’ proprietary security protocols and FINNEY’s Safe Screen in conjunction with the embedded behavioral intrusion prevention system (IPS) will be able to independently verify that the FINNEY™’s wallet transactions are being sent to the correct address. This allows the user to verify they’re not being tricked by malware or hackers to send their crypto to an unknown 3rd party.

The Final Word

With the FINNEY™ phone, SIRIN LABS set out to disrupt the crypto world by creating a simpler, friendlier, and more secure crypto experience. Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market, and because security is paramount, we will never allow our mission to make crypto appealing to a mass audience compromise the ideals of the crypto community.

SIRIN LABS has taken the safety and security of a hardware wallet and improved upon it to remove some of the potential unknown risks. Through FINNEY™, we will see a dawn of a new global era of blockchain, where all are invited and welcomed.

Go Crypto!


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