Leo Messi and SIRIN LABS: What It Means To Be A Brand Ambassador

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In mid-December of 2017, SIRIN LABS announced that the world’s greatest footballer would be joining our team — FC Barcelona’s Leo Messi was brought on as a Brand Ambassador.

This news was extremely exciting for us as it brought an important level of credibility and mass-appeal to the project we were undertaking and proved to the blockchain community that we were serious about making it mainstream. It’s clear why we chose Leo Messi to represent us — his unrivaled professionalism, focused work ethic, and his stellar reputation speak for themselves, but the question which soon began to surface was, What exactly is a Brand Ambassador?

An easy way to understand the idea of a Brand Ambassador is to first understand what it isn’t. Leo Messi isn’t our spokesperson, meaning that he doesn’t represent SIRIN LABS in everything he does. SIRIN LABS doesn’t sponsor Messi or his team, so he doesn’t have a SIRIN LABS logo on his or his team’s uniform. And finally, he’s not just a celebrity endorser who allows us to use his image or name in order to promote a product or service.

A Brand Ambassador is someone who recognizes the significance of a company and agrees to represent that company in a professional manner, educate others about it, and bring awareness to it.

This is the relationship we have with Leo Messi. After a significant amount of time discussing a wide range of issues, Messi saw the power, professionalism and future within SIRIN LABS, and it was for these reasons he agreed to represent us to the masses.

The relationship between SIRIN LABS and the Messi team is strong and helpful for both sides, but just like all healthy relationships, there needs to be give, take, and compromise. Leo Messi is a professional soccer player and is not an employee of SIRIN LABS. He also does not own any portion of the company, so you probably won’t see him wearing a SIRIN LABS t-shirt during the World Cup or showing the SIRIN LABS logo after scoring a goal.

Yet, none of these facts lessen the significance of our relationship with Leo Messi. If you’ve followed Messi’s career at all, you’d know he doesn’t just put his name on anything to make a buck. As the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in the most popular sport in the world, you can imagine the type of vetting process that he and his team have to ensure they’re not going to associate with something criminal, illicit, or anything that might tarnish his stellar brand. It is for this reason that we had such pride in our announcement of Leo Messi as our Brand Ambassador. With Leo Messi, we are certainly able to show the underlying significance, merit, and legitimacy of SIRIN LABS to his global community and following.

It’s with the help of our enthusiastic and growing community along with people like Leo Messi that we will be able to successfully bring blockchain technology to the masses. We can do it, but we need to do it together!

Go Crypto!

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