Pre-order and Retail Announcement

We are excited to announce that as of today, through our distribution channels, distributors and the community, our pre-orders for the FINNEY phone have already surpassed 25,000. As a direct result of this growing demand, we are continuing our global expansion by announcing our plan to open 3 additional brick-and-mortar locations to join our flagship store in London and the previously announced store openings:

· Turkey

· Vietnam

· Kazakhstan

· Tel Aviv

· Berlin

· Seoul

· New York

· Tokyo

We are also happy to report that the development for the phone is coming along wonderfully. Just this week, our R&D team has successfully automated the transfer of SRN to ETH, and ETH to SRN. This is a huge step towards creating a streamlined and seamless user experience to bring a much-needed shift in the usability of cryptocurrency in the mobile landscape.

A few more announcements to note:

· Still want to meet Messi? We will be expanding our “Meet Messi” challenge where we will be asking our community to share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter. The person with the most likes will win a trip to the SIRIN LABS commercial shoot with Leo Messi.

· In the coming weeks, we will be participating in the following events:

o Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore as a sponsor and panelist

o Wall St. Conference in Miami as a keynote speaker

o Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to further our business development

· We will be making a major announcement in the coming weeks regarding the D-App store developer program.

· We are at the very final stages of making the SRN available in the largest marketplaces. We expect to be able to make an official announcement in the next couple of weeks.

These are just a few important points we wanted to share with the community at-large to keep you all “in the loop,” and we look forward to some of the other announcements we will be able to make in the next few weeks. We’re excited to be taking this journey with you!