The story of SIRIN LABS begins with our first phone, the SOLARIN™, which is recognized as one of the most secure phones ever built. It used an earlier version of the ultra-secure SIRIN OS™, targeted ultra-high net worth individuals, and is still being sold around the world.

One of the most interesting features that SOLARIN™ had was an external switch which transferred the phone into “Encrypted Communication” mode. A bare-bones section of the phone disconnected from the rest on both hardware and software levels. This mode used a different OS, microphone, speaker, and even a different keyboard to avoid the ability for any 3rd party to intercept communications while it was active.

When we saw the incredible potential and promise that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency hold, we began to analyze it to try and understand why it remained on the fringe, outside of the mainstream. The biggest issue that we saw was the constant sacrifice of security for the sake of user experience (simplicity). That is a sacrifice which cannot be made within the world of crypto, and one we don’t believe is necessary.

In order to successfully bring cryptocurrency into a mobile environment, security needs to be priority #1. But if we are to bring crypto to the mainstream, the user experience needs to be simplified and streamlined.

The SIRIN LABS team already had quite a bit of excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity (many team members were already crypto hodlers), but more importantly, we already had created an ultra-secure phone. We recognized we were in a unique position to create the first mass-market smartphone that could operate through the blockchain.

This was a natural progression for SIRIN LABS since it was the solution that we were looking for ourselves, which is also why we’ve spent so much time drastically improving the crypto user experience. Through the new SIRIN OS™, we will be able to simplify the process of navigating the blockchain so that anyone can do it.

This was the idea behind the creation of the FINNEY™. We are creating a phone that will use our ultra-secure SIRIN OS™, which is a Google-certified “fork” of Android. Additionally, using the experience gained through the development of SOLARIN™, SIRIN LABS will have an embedded cold storage wallet that is disconnected on both hardware and software levels from the rest of the phone. The wallet will also have an external power switch for added security to ensure the only access to your wallet is user-initiated.

SIRIN LABS envisions a future where cryptocurrency and blockchain technology become so prevalent that they become a part of the very fabric of the technology industry.

Through the FINNEY™, we will demonstrate that there is a yearning by the masses to “disconnect” from centralized banks and services. Through the SIRIN OS™, we will provide other phone manufacturers the ability to easily bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to their devices as well, in a safe, secure, and protected way.

Who is SIRIN LABS? We’re the company of the future.

Go Crypto!