My experience with OPENCODE (THE MINI GSOC).

I was always fascinated by the Open-Source community and wanted to be a part of it.So I went on to github for my new journey but as soon as I landed there,everything on github felt like some spaceship control center.

But in January 2017, Geekhaven, the technical society of IIIT Allahabad organised an opensource event “OpenCode” . I decided to take a look at it and found out that there were many mentors here to help in contributing.
I started by adding myself to the website of the opencode which gave me confidence to further move ahead.

In opencode there were several projects in which the participants can contribute to.

  • opencodecollab
  • Humblefool Cup
  • Cool-practise-programs
  • Theory of programming
  • Zaptap
  • Django Event Platform
  • Face Me

In one month I got to know many things related to development,most of which was in web development.I got to know about the github and git and most importantly the linux command line.

Contributing to projects gave me internal happiness as my work was used in the main project and available publicly.It was an experience to remember and I can’t forget it as it gave me a head start into the world of Open-Source contributing

The dedication and guidance of all the mentors made it happen.
Sincere Thanks to