By the community, for the community; from the community and serves the community.

what does it mean to be a Sirius OG?

Firstly, we’ve got to be ‘Sirius’ about this.

Before governance gets transferred to a completely decentralized mode by the future voting mechanism, there’s the need to make sure that Sirius Finance is supported by a strong and close-knit community where everyone counts instead of a few whales in terms of ecosystem development, that’s why the team has launched its OG enrollment program.

We believe that only by giving power to those who really contribute and are devoted to the Sirius community, can we keep the community and ecosystem growing and evolving instead of ending up as a game where no fresh blood flows in and is made only for a few players.

The primary design might not be perfect but it will develop as the community expands, surely it may not meet the expectations of everyone either, especially those who only want to take a quick bite of the cake for free.

We try to be fair and we are open to all suggestions, so if you are:

  1. Enthusiastic about Astar and Polkadot ecosystem;

Or anything else not stated above but might be essential to the community, we are all ears. In return, every participant will receive airdrops irregularly based on their contribution and 200 OGs will be selected according to the criteria.

The whole OG enrollment assessment will be mainly divided into 3 parts which extend to 3 months(from March 16th to June 16th):

1 million airdrop / 3-month assessment / some for all

*For those who contribute to the TVL, we’ve already had a delicate tokenomics for incentivization, so this factor won’t be included in the OG assessment.

OG enrollment is just the very first step we have taken to empower the Sirius Finance community, the whole evaluation extends to 3 months with 1 million SRS.

Since all the participants will receive rewards, another point of being an OG is to be remembered by the late-comers as the 200 that brought huge value to the early construction of Sirius Finance and share the long-term growth of the ecosystem.

Their roles will be kept forever in our discord and the whole community will also have the right examples to follow. For every house to be in order, there must be a clear set of rules and there is one circumstance where an OG might be removed when they break certain rules and harm the community in any shape or form, including but not limited to:

  1. Disrespecting others;

Steps to join the OG assessment:

  1. Fill the OG enrollment form 2:, if you’ve already submitted the form1, please do not submit it repeatedly;

This will last for 3 months and the 200 OGs will be selected based on the above contribution.

Disclaimer: Kindly take note that we reserve the final right to interpretation and implementation of the terms and conditions in this program. All decisions will be based solely on the team’s discretion.

About Sirius Finance:

Sirius Finance is the first Polkadot-native stablecoin AMM on Astar Network. Our mission is to provide a stable, highly liquid trading platform for stablecoins, deep liquidity for connected protocols, attract and lock tremendous value to facilitate more innovations and collaborations for Astar and Polkadot.

Join Sirius Finance by joining Twitter, Discord and Telegram.



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