Introducing SiriusX platform: a unique blockchain-based travel and social network

Aug 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Traveling is an obvious and innate love of most of the human members of society and for obvious reason tourism industry is one the versatile and profitable industries across the globe.

The travel and tourism industry: a giant chain worldwide

There is no exception that tourism industry is enjoying a steady growth these days. According to statistics, the number of international tourists have increased from 528 million (in 2005) to 1.19 billion in 2015. It is expected that by 2030, globally, the number of tourists will reach the number of 1.8 billion approximately. We can safely conclude that the travel industry has lots of potential to explore and enjoy.

If this enormous potential of tourism business can get clubbed with an organized and transparent management system, we can safely conclude that the integration is sure to bring an array of benefits for the consumers and travel business operators. The SiriusX platform is one such decentralized platform for travel information, business potential, and social media integration but empowered by blockchain.

The problem of this business giant worldwide

If there is matter, it is believed that there is anti-matter too. Similarly, if travel industry has some potential, there are some shades too. Some of these problems are lack of transparency, the problem of cost, and proper coordination between service providers, as well as opinions of consumers are some of the recurring problem of travel industry. The presence of middle men are an unwanted intrusion in travel industry for users and that adds extra cost in the travel plan.

How SiriusX platform can improve the scenario

Decentralization and blockchain integration can solve these aforementioned recurring problems with its transparency, peer to peer (P2P) communication facility, and elimination of intermediaries, etc. SiriusX platform offers seamless benefits for travelers to get all travel related services with complete cost efficiency, transparency, flexibility, and peer to peer (P2P) communication facility, as well as elimination of intermediaries.

Let’s check the SiriusX advantages at one glance:

The SiriusX platform is expected to work as a huge user network integrated with a true travel ecosystem. The target audience is mostly netizen people (“born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest now 24 years in 2019”) who prefer online travel planning as well as online transaction mostly. The SiriusX platform network will grow faster and the transparency of the system will help them in arranging their travel with better efficiency.

Better business exposure

Other than B2C segment, SiriusX platform will work as a B2B facilitator. One of this advantages is potential of business partnership. The travel allied service providers are local tourism authorities, travel agencies, transport and car rental companies, insurance providers, etc. The companies offering the following services like hotel bookings, airline, bus and train tickets, etc. can also get great business exposure from here.

Excellent marketability

SiriusX platform offers a concept which is easy to explain, and it has multitude of users. SiriusX offers the advantages which are common for everybody’s use. That is why the platform offers great marketing potential hence will surely be a success.

Social media integration

The platform offers excellent user communication facility. This is the reason, users of this platforms will get to share their real life travel experience as well as they will be able to rate and evaluate their service providers. Because of Blockchain safety none of these reviews can be modified, which help users in getting real insight of their travel planning and service provider selection.

These are the advantages of using SiriusX platform. You can plan your travel on SiriusX platform also by using the SiriusX app. To learn more about this travel and social network on blockchain, you may browse at & and join the telegram group


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