Sailing In Mumbai — How To Get Started?

Are you interested in sailing and not sure how to get your hands on to a sail? Whether you are interested in sailing at the hobby level or interested in becoming a professional sailor, the starting point is almost the same.

Lately we can see that sailing in Mumbai is becoming a craze especially among the youth. One of the reasons could be that previously this sport was limited only to the most affluent people in the society. Now that things have changed, the youngsters like to identify themselves with the affluent and the elite opt for this sport. There are also others that show genuine interest in the sport just because they love adventure.

One of the easiest ways to get started with sailing is to join gateway sailing club. When you join a club, you will be introduced to all the basics of sailing. You will be trained by professionals that have dedicated their life for sailing and by people that have taken part in several yachting competition. When you are learning to sail it is crucial that you are trained by experienced hands so that you learn the art of sailing correctly. Sailing is a practical skill and it is not something that you could learn from books. You will get all the theory behind sailing in books but when you put your hand on the sale, it will be a totally different experience and that is why you need to be trained by people that are adept in sailing.

Though it is not a prerequisite, it is always an added advantage to know swimming. If you do get a chance to learn swimming give yourself a few hours for swimming classes so that you may go on to the sail confidently.

You may have to invest in basic sailing accessories such as sailing gloves. Life jackets will normally be provided by the sailing club when you go for your yacht ride in Mumbai.

You will be required to have basic fitness even though you need not be a body builder or an athlete. Most importantly, you should not have any heart conditions. Except for such limited exceptions, everyone could venture into sailing.

When you approach a yacht club in Mumbai check with them on the various plans and packages that they may have. Some of the clubs will require you to become a member while others will just train you and rent their yachts. You will need to figure out how you are planning to take it forward based on your budget and interest level. Do not worry if you are having a lot of questions. Your instructors and your sailing club will address your concerns. They will first make you feel comfortable before you proceed with the training.

Once you have given yourself the time for the learning curve, you would have learnt a very nice skill for your life. So do not hesitate to give it a try.

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