Tortured by USA Government agency since 1996.

For years know I have waited for Justice. Just to find out I am being given social security disability, not what I thought in 2003. A way to have been paid for the torture in NY for 2 years. Now after 2003 I moved from Boca Raton, happy to move into a gay neighborhood happy to be free.

Then in 2003 the voices told me to follow the North Korea and Iran Nuclear Program. Soon the torture came back. Month after month and year after year. I realized that what they were doing was experimenting on me, since the torture was always changing. I am not going to speak out about how they can do this, it would make me a communication vessel. I choose not to or relive the dark days and months.

So a few months back a Young American, from Alaska flew to Fort Lauderdale. At first we heard of a problem on the plane. But if he was screaming and telling the passengers the truth about his CIA electronic Implant, the entire plane passengers and crew were kept confined on the tarmac for hours. Most likely to be silenced. So this American says that while fighting in Iraq weather for the US Army or most likely a private contractor which is doing this throughout the middle east. He states that the CIA has but a Mind Control Implant in him and was forcing him to watch certain video’s. So to me it was finally a recognition. Of course come Monday after the Friday shooting there was no mention on Cable news about his ties to the implant and why the USA would want him to fight with a certain group.

The Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting:

What happened to this Pandora’s Box that has just been opened.

1. The CIA is working in the USA.

2. The CIA tortures American’s

3. The CIA relation to ISIS. ….no we must all note: Mind Control is now in the hands of many governments and private corporations. So it really might not have been the CIA or USA that Implanted this electronic device. It could be a rouse a charade. To but blame on the CIA ties with ISIS. Or maybe a contractor was paid by Turkey and its new pal Russia.

This link provides a book: 5 Law Cases CIA and Mind Control.

So if you think the CIA stopped mind control in the 1970’s think again, and think suicide bombers or person with mental illness. It goes back to the Charles Manson Murders, Son of Sam thinking a dog was talking to him. A cult taking poison in Ghana Cult of the Dame. To a mother driving her children into a lake. When I left HBO Inc. and NY, my favorite show was “News Radio” the star was killed by his wife who was hearing voices….To Columbine and Sandy Hook. To the mental illness shooters who just happened to be on Medical prescription for mental heath.


And this is the Sad American Part — The US Supreme Courts says corporations can not be sued for torture.

So we really should feel bad for these innocent Americans that have been electronic implants. Why the rush to have City have Wifi hot spots. Why have low flying satellites in war zones. Or why are we trying to fly blimps and drones over Africa. So the poor can have free internet.

I have become an expert on today’s Mind Control. Once you realize as I did, since a parent told me to get the video “Conspiracy Theory”. After 2 years of torture in NY. It was after I watched the Movie that I knew who the voices and thoughts and dreams where coming from. Not to mention the physical torture, sleep deprivation for 2 years. I can’t go on and tell the horror that I went through.

Those who do not know they are under mind control. Well then you have a problem.