I know you want to hear about all the tiny little juicy details of my first day, how the experience was, how I felt my thoughts etc. Beware if thats what you want, I might disappoint.

How about we talk about the awesome guys I met. Sounds cool with me, so lets get into it. Just so you know, Andela is full of amazing people and this blog can’t be enough to talk about all of them… assuming we all agree on that I’ll just mention a few.

Allan, you know those people you just meet and damn… you just know that brilliance at its best. Well he’s one of them. Very cool guy who knows his python (pun intended), and he’s quite ready to share, teach and learn. If I were to give a thank you note for my Andela time so far, he’d definitely be somewhere on top of the list. I have a few tricks up my sleeve from him. Fun facts: He’s from Uganda (that’s commitment at its best don’t you think), this second fact isn’t fun, he kicked my ass at darts. I thought I knew how to hit the bulls eye, got schooled. Challenge to a Chess game (hope I don’t embarrass myself). Kudos Allan!

Next patient, Jedidah. Oops! I think she prefers Wahu. One of the few ladies in the bootcamp, wait I think they’re only 4 out of 44. That’s a ratio 1:11 reminds me of my first year IT class 7 ladies in a class of 77 (the number reduced). Away from that, Wahu, cute lady with passion and dedication. She just doesn’t want to give up until she understands how to do it, or what its doing. Am talking about logics and functions. Reminds me of someone, who was that… She’s quite passionate about what she does, texted me saturday morning, asking “How are we going to get this fellowship?” That challenged me. All the best Wahu, hope you get in first, I’ll follow closely, promise. Fun fact: She shares a name with my sister.

Talked about, those two amazing peeps. Now let me talk about a group; Sam, Wanjila, Ephantus, James, Robert… guys in my group led by Lewis. Cool guys, eager to learn, help, and push some limits. We sat right there at the front where the teachers “pet” sit. Got, to answer all the questions if no one raised their hands. Those guys are ready to help at any instance, answer any question, help out anyone, clarify anything… true demonstration of collaboration, like a well oiled German machine(I like german machines). Nice work guys, see you all at the finish line. Lewis, nice guy, awesome trainer… cant wait to learn more from him. Fun fact: Lewis, he’s always serious, haven’t seen him smile yet. Challenge accepted!

Josh, well there’s a lot to say about him. I’ll just pick out a few instances of excellence from class Josh(get it, instances, class). First, someone asked me what I had to say about, it was the first day, just met the guy so I quoted Abiola Ibrahim “…Josh for being Josh”. Not many people out there are described using themselves, it describes excellence, distinction, class.. etc. Well he oozes with a lot of that from his oratory skills to how he plays pool. Amazing. I won’t end this without quoting him. “Andela isn’t about showing us what we want to see, it’s about showing us who you are so we can guide you on how to be one of us” Josh, 2016. Fun fact: I have a pool match against him coming up soon, hope I win.

It has been an amazing experience at the bootcamp this far. I have a feeling this will just get better. Keep up with the spirit everyone at Andela, you’re BoB (Best of the Best). Fun fact: Commitment, Passion, Collaboration, Excellence… Andela values as demonstrated in the people I have met this far.