Happy Earth Day 2018!

Sir Kensington's
Apr 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Every year on April 22, people gather to plant trees, collect garbage, show environmental documentaries, and make plans to provide a brighter future for the planet we call home. Here at Sir Kensington HQ, we make an effort to minimize our environmental footprint on a daily basis and are excited to share our composting story with you in celebration of Earth Day. Though we shop smart and try to reduce waste, we do have food and other organic scraps we need to get rid of. Composting provides a great environmentally-friendly option that you might also easily incorporate into your day-to-day on top of recycling.

So What is Composting?

While composting may seem daunting at first it’s actually pretty simple! Rather than throwing away food in the trash that will end up in a landfill where it will dissolve and emit greenhouse gases, composting allows you to repurpose organic waste that turns into a rich soil amendment that will later be used to grow more food. If you’re interested in the science of composting, we recommend checking out this resource from the US EPA.

Why are we doing it at Sir Kensington’s

Sir Kensington’s recently incorporated composting into its own office waste disposal practices after the arrival of our Social Impact and Advocacy Manager, Rebecca Gildiner.

“We’re a company that focuses on bringing integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked foods — what food is more ordinary and overlooked than food waste?,” says Rebecca. “By composting and thereby preserving the nutrients of this food, we show our respect for all of the labor and natural resources that went into creating it.”

To bring our signature integrity and charm into the routine, we found ways to tailor the program to our office community and our local community. Our very own Graphic Designer Alayna designed custom Sir Kensington’s signage to hang over our bins (pictured below) to encourage responsible separation, and we’re thrilled to have found a way to benefit both the environment and our local community by partnering with Reclaimed Organics collection services. This local company hauls our food scraps by bicycle to a nearby community garden where a portion of it is processed and used on-site to grow fresh vegetables for the neighborhood and the East Side Community School. To bring it all full circle, we plan on getting our team members’ hands dirty this summer in their garden, physically helping to turn our food scraps into useable fertilizer for this community space.

Image for post
illustration by Alayna Citrin

So you’ve decided to start composting, what’s next?

Since our office is downtown we’re lucky to have amazing partners in composting Reclaimed organics. They makes composting very easy and we can’t recommend them enough if you’re in downtown Manhattan. You can arrange for pick up or you can drop off your compost in a designated bin they provide.If heading downtown isn’t a regular part of your day, we also are happy to share this map for other NYC area of compositing drop off locations!

If you live outside of New York, we recommending checking to see if your city has a municipal compost or evaluating the option to compost at home if you have the space. Feel free to check out the EPA’s site and learn more about compositing here. Happy composting!

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