Meet our Team: Allison

Our Communications Manager and the Lady behind the Lens

If you search Sir Kensington’s on social you might come across a funny tweet that brings Sir Kensington to life or drool-worthy photos from a restaurant that carries us. Google us, you might come across a testimonial from happy customers who wrote to us and heard back or an article touting our organic mayo. These results — covering everything from social media to customer service to public relations- stem from the coordination and work of the same powerhouse. Allison, our Marketing Communications Manager, develops social media, customer service, and communication strategy with enthusiasm and exceptional growth. Read about Allison below to learn more about the person not just responding to your drool emojis but to your customer service queries as well.

As the Marketing Communications Manager, you’re involved in a variety of different projects. Which of them is your favorite right now?
While I love PR & Social Media, I think my favorite part of the role is the communication strategy because it informs everything we post about or take to press. I love thinking about the messages we’re sharing to our consumers — not just “Eat special sauce — it’s delicious on everything” or “Our ketchup has less sugar and more flavor,” but instead who we are as a company, how we make condiments with character, and what those condiments can add to your cooking and eating experience.

What is one food you dreaded as a little kid but now love?
Meat! When I was 11 I became a vegetarian and didn’t eat meat again until I was 22. Now I am a proud omnivore and lover of cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and pulled pork.

Where is your favorite place to dine out?
I actually would call myself a restaurant tourist because I rarely dine out at the same place regularly. Girl & the Goat in Chicago’s West Loop is one of the few restaurants I return to again and again. Before I moved to New York in December, I had quite a few memorable meals there — though you have to book pretty far in advance, the food is worth the wait!

What is your favorite Sir Kensington’s product?
Dijonnaise for sure — it is the perfect creaminess of mayo with a bit of mustard. I use it on almost every sandwich I make, dip crudités, and drizzle on top of baked chicken and salmon.

What are three words you would use to describe your Sir Kensington’s story?
Passion, Growth, and Support. I came to Sir Kensington’s from a few years in education, and taking this job was an exciting new start for me. I was drawn to the role because of my passion for cooking and eating. I originally came on board as part of the Field Marketing team in Chicago, where I learned all about the products and developed new skills. In August 2016, the team supported me as I grew into a new role as the Communications Manager. I moved to the New York office and started working on social media, customer service, and PR. All of this has been possible because of trust and mentorship of my team, who have allowed me to translate my passion into skills.

What is your favorite thing to cook?
I love a good garlic and herb roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, onions and carrots. It takes a long time but it’s a labor of love that results in an incredible sunday dinner and the tastiest leftover chicken salad.

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