Meet the Maker: Catherine

Our R&D team is a small but mighty force within Sir Kensington’s. They work hard in our test kitchen to make your condiment dreams a reality. This fall, Catherine was excited to lead the charge to reformulate our Sriracha mayonnaise with a new, spicier version.

Read below for more about Catherine, our new Sriracha mayo, and the product development process.

Why did you want to reformulate the Sriracha mayo?
I wanted to reformulate the Sriracha mayo to make it taste more like the Sriracha sauce that people know and love. Particularly, I wanted to get the right sweet pepper flavor, garlic notes, and heat. I love that the new Sriracha mayo has a fiery color and that the taste notes are just right now!

Cooking: is it art or science? Why?
Cooking is totally an art and a science. For example, understanding the science behind an emulsion of mayonnaise can inform our decisions about the more creative art part — the ingredients, process, and flavor development.

Where do you find your inspirations for new flavors/products?
A lot of places! New product ideas come from the Sir K team, consumers, and chefs. My personal inspirations: mom’s cooking and amazing food experiences like a meal I had when I spent time working and living on a farm in Italy a few summers ago. It was a pasta dish that my host, Andrea, made. It had juniper berries, ginger, chicken gizzards, and wine in the tomato sauce. Very unique but delicately balanced and so tasty! I don’t think Sir K will be coming out with chicken gizzard pasta sauce anytime soon, but I did get a lot of inspiration to experiment with food after being in the kitchen with Andrea.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one cooking tool would you bring?
A cooking pot — to boil water and to carry things.

Favorite Sir Kensington’s Product?
Tough one. There’s definitely a time and place for each Sir Kensington’s condiment. I have to say that if I’m eating ketchup, it HAS to be Sir K Classic Ketchup!