Sir Kensington’s: Behind the monocle

Sir Kensington's
May 6, 2016 · 3 min read

At Sir Kensington’s, we’re in the business of selling condiments. But our real secret sauce is who we are, what we believe in, and why we do what we do. We didn’t always know how to put this into words. As we’ve grown, and grown up, we’ve begun to distill this essence, starting with our mission and values which we’re proud to share with you.

For the love of food

The purpose of our organization goes beyond commerce. At Sir Kensington’s we have an appreciation for the exceptional role that food plays in all of our lives. Food fosters community and intimacy between people. Over a meal, strangers can become friends, and friends grow closer. Food creates intimacy with nature, becoming a thrice daily opportunity to connect with the natural world where food begins.

Yet so much of our food is prepared and eaten without the thoughtful reverence it deserves. Eight years ago, we realized that while food in America was evolving, condiments had been left behind. What was on store shelves was all the same, with little innovation towards quality ingredients. We saw condiments worthy of improvement because they’re universal, inseparable from food culture, and allow anyone to add flavor and individuality to their food.

In other words, condiments live at the intersection of cooking and eating.

We first set out to make a ketchup that was aligned with the way that we wanted to eat, and one with the perfect flavor balance which people expect from this quintessential condiment. It was only after countless recipes, test batches, and ingredient trials (not to mention first degree burns from simmering tomato sauce) that we had produced a product worthy of public palates.

Slowly and deliberately we’ve grown to offer over a dozen condiments, which are sold in thousands of stores and served by hundreds of discerning chefs. As we’ve grown, we’ve applied our original philosophy, vowing not to make it unless we can make it better.

For food, there’s no greater complement than a great condiment. Whether it’s ketchup and mayonnaise, or the burger they complete, our purpose is to make food better.

With this ethos, we recognize our mission: to bring integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked food.

By integrity, we mean uncommon consideration for our ingredients, our sources, and the quality standards of our products. We bring charm in how we communicate, with an approach that’s sophisticated, fun, and pleasantly surprising. Food should nourish — yes — but it should also entertain.

Our values

We bring more to the table than just delicious condiments. After years of collaboration, creation, and self study, we identified four core values that define our culture and business philosophy:

1— Our secret ingredient is people.

Our work is teamwork. We foster a supportive environment where our team works with a sense of purpose, potential, and play.

2 — We act with honor, even when no one is looking.

We take pride in our work, delivering on our own sense of potential at every opportunity. Our workmanship is evidence of who we are.

3 — We make condiments with character.

Our products are the most tangible manifestation of our work. They are a reflection of our unique philosophy and distinguished by what we call “Kensington Quality.”

“Character” is our combination of integrity and charm (as well as the dandy character of Sir Kensington himself).

4 — We think long term

We move quickly, but are patient enough to make big things happen. In all parts of our business, we build genuine, lasting relationships.

We often say that we don’t have a map for the journey we’re on, but we do have a compass. This “compass” is by and large composed of the values and mission which orient us in unfamiliar territory. In doing something that’s never before been done, and making decisions with much unknown, these guiding principals prove invaluable.

-Scott, Mark, and the Sir Kensington’s Team

Find out more about what we’re up to at Sir Kensington’s.

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