Sir Kensington’s — The Next Chapter

Sir Kensington's
Apr 20, 2017 · 5 min read
Our mission

“Our shared ethos that acknowledges the unique responsibility that a consumer products business has to society.”

Sir Thomas Lipton, of his eponymous tea

“It also helps that their storied history began in Victorian England (from which our fabled Sir Kensington hails).”

First was our customers, likely most of you who are reading this now.

“The integrity of our products measured by the quality standards of our ingredients, and their taste, can never be compromised.”

“As a company, Unilever is looking for Sir Kensington’s to help them define the future of good food.”

The second group we considered was our team.

“We will continue to run the business as founders and leaders of the team for the foreseeable future.”

The third and final group to consider was our investors.


Mark Ramadan, Scott Norton, and the Sir Kensington’s team

We’re just getting started…

Sir Kensington's

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Condiments with character.

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