VBunny Go: Pioneering VR Filmmaking for Kids

Jerad Bitner
3 min readMar 29, 2023

I recently have the privilege of working with VBunny Go, a popular YouTuber who creates videos for kids using virtual reality (VR) technology for their film sets. Through our collaboration, I’ve witnessed firsthand the potential of VR technology to revolutionize the film industry.

VBunny’s use of VR tools and platforms has allowed for a more efficient and streamlined production process, with team members able to engage in real-time in VR collaboration from remote locations. By using VR technology, VBunny has been able to create unique and imaginative sets that bring their stories to life in ways that wouldn’t be possible with traditional methods.

We’ve utilized project management tools like Trello to keep track of the workflow and manage tasks, resulting in an efficient and effective production process. By utilizing a combination of VR tools and traditional project management techniques, VBunny is able to create a streamlined and effective production process.

One of the key VR platforms that VBunny utilizes is NeosVR, a metaverse engine for building complex VR applications with a thriving community of enthusiasts who provide their own creations to pool from. NeosVR allows for advanced set design, collaboration, and asset management. VBunny has leveraged the public inventory system in NeosVR to find assets for their sets, and the community has provided valuable support and resources for their production process.

Working together in NeosVR

VBunny also utilizes other VR platforms and software, including Boneworks and RecRoom, which provide creative tools and a pool of contractors knowledgeable in building them. These tools and platforms allow for endless possibilities in set design and production, including scenes that require zero gravity or fantastical landscapes.

While there are potential challenges and limitations to consider, such as the cost of equipment and potential learning curves for team members, the benefits of VR technology for the film industry far outweigh the potential drawbacks. By using VR tools and platforms, we can streamline production processes, enhance creativity, and create truly unforgettable viewing experiences.

If you’re interested in exploring how VR technology can transform your film production, I would be thrilled to discuss the possibilities with you. Together, we can create something truly amazing.