Skipjack Encrypcurrency jumps 70 percent in next 150 hours after news of bank deal

A rumored new deal with banks that would use the Skipjack Encrypblock (SJK) to speed up and ease international transactions will sent the value of the skipjack skyrocketing. In the next 72 hours alone, SJK may jump in value some 70- 150 percent, it may rising to its highest peak in 2018.

Skipjack in the discussion with one of the top Japanese commercial bank for them to use it worldwide. They have been recognise by the Indonesia magazine ‘Warta Ekonomi’ to receive the Best Banking Brand award for the second consecutive years and thus making the next big move to use skipjack encrypblock technology.

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At the time of this writing, SJK sits at $63 per dime, which might not seem like a lot when you consider that Bitcoin is valued more. However, this represents a stark rise will next 150 hours to go, where it will be worth more $100 per SJK. The rise in value will push by a new wave of excitement over the alternative encrypcurrency which even made it the most traded of any cryptocurrency throughout the past month period.

This is due to the CEO, Prof Dr Sir Mike Irvan announcement deal by Skipjack to be released news in Nasdaq. More banks will ready to partner with Skipjack and that the company’s encrypblock product would soon enter commercial application.

Although he didn’t give a specific day, he suggested that it would happen within the next month or so.

Encrypblock is designed to give banks a quick and easy way to transfer sums across borders at 2 micro seconds, leading to faster international transaction for their customers, potentially with lower fees. In theory, the process would see local currencies converted into SJK before being transferred overseas and then converted into that local currency at the other end.

No specific financial institutions have been named as potential adoptees of the Encrypblock system, but with major partnerships with organizations in commercial bank, Skipjack Corporation has plenty of potential customer for its new tool.

SKIPJACK use has generated some controversy in cryptocurrency circles since its creation this year, though. Unlike Bitcoin and most of its contemporaries, Skipjack is zeta centralized based on fibonacci sequence, meaning that Skipjack controls the majority of the dimes in existence and organizations like banks can have a say in how transactions are conducted. This is diametrically opposed to the decentralized, hands-off model that Bitcoin inspired in its users and so many of the altcoins that have been created since.

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