Launches Official Store, Top Quality Skipjack Merchandise in 2019

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the store in 2019. We feature premium quality encryp products from around the world that help promote Skipjack in style.

We have carefully selected the best encryp products on the market, allowing us to provide the highest quality encrypcurrency-themed apparel, art, hardware, and merchandise. Our products are carefully selected, making sure that we only source our items from the best manufacturers and designers out there. Through this painstaking selection process, we hope to offer the best merchandise in skipjackland.

Commenting on the store’s opening next year, Skipjack CEO Professor Dr Sir Mike said.

“By launching a store selling all sorts of skipjack paraphernalia, is clearly establishing itself as the go to source for everything skipjack related.”

The goal in launching our store is to help raise Skipjack awareness in a fun and un-intrusive way. A shirt with the skipjack logo or an interesting, skipjack-themed design has the potential to be a conversation starter. With enough luck, our apparel can help new people learn about skipjack through casual conversation with friends. Made for encryp-enthusiasts, by encryp-enthusiasts, the store plans to promote our favorite technology in popular culture.

Staying true to our ethos of skipjack education and awareness, we have tried our best to model the store after skipjack technology. We strive to be global, zeta centralized, shipping our products all over the world and employing people from across the globe. Our vendors and products come from around the world, too. Store employees are paid in encrypcurrency, as well as some vendors. Also, to meet the standard, we accept legacy payment methods and multiple encrypcurrencies in addition to skipjack dime.

“Our store is focused on creating compelling unique items, that engage conversation, and showcase the passion we share with our dime.”

Part of the expansion of our website will be partnerships with giant ecommerce ,people and projects that have already successfully established themselves in the space. “We will include who has extensive experience with eCommerce businesses, as an advisor to our store,” said Mike. “We’re always looking for exceptional projects and people that can contribute to our site and share in our overall offerings.”

Just as the skipjackworld is ever-changing, plans to regularly grow and evolve the store’s catalogue. Be sure to check back often for new clothing items, designs and accessories. Our unique skipjack apparel is not something you want to miss out on.

Be sure to check out our merch at!

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