Do you really leave someone or something behind? Honestly I think it’s all about perspective.

If you ask me, I don’t think we leave anything behind. Humans are as interesting as they are not. We are interesting in wanting to stand out and everything we are willing to endure to reach that end, but we are not too when our energy has been drained by the same.

Ah.. look I just left the topic for a tiny bit and came back to it. Yes, about why I would say we never really leave anything behind.

A person could say they are going away from someone or something yet we choose to say I am leaving you/this/here. You may not have them in sight yet it stays on your mind. It may be once a few years or everyday, but you will remember that what you say you lost; maybe through a place, a song or a thing but a memory surfaces and you haven’t really left what you said you did.

Things may go south or north, west and east but your memory stays by. Even an Alzheimer’s patient has flash instants where they remember things that were lost to them.

So technically you have not lost anything you have had even if it was for a short period of time.