Guide to Segment Facebook Users

Freudian Thought on Latent Intent (Pun Intended !)

In my previous story, I talked about the latent intent which prompt user action on various social platforms.In this post, I single out one portal, and dissect the possible latent intent behind some of the common actions. (The basis of this rigorous analysis is a quick run down on my Facebook feed today). I could categories posts in five distinct segments, which I list below:

  1. Usage Type: Activity Broadcast “Enjoying at ABC Place, “@ ABC movie”. These have two variations. The common one is with a group or a single person. The latter, less common is for loners.The usage frequency is in the medium-high range.
See Us ?? or See me…
Intent: “I am with someone; I have to demonstrate to the world that I am doing the ritualistic activities of hanging out or courtship.

2. Usage Type: Singular emotion depiction: Feeling euphoric, ecstatic, pensive, morose

Nobody speaks to me
Intent: Someone, please listen to me. Nobody else really does (Is it because you speak no sense?”)

3. Usage Type : Photo Uploads (Generally selfies)

I think …therefore I selfie.
Intent: “Mirror Mirror, tell me, who is the fairest maiden/knight of them all?” (I know its me ….if not I want it to be me!!)

4 . Usage Type: Sharing external links, news articles, coke studio recordings, individual or personal blog posts.

I ain’t a saint, but nor a sinner
Intent: I have an opinion and I think is not illogical. I am mostly a loner, but I do enjoy company once a while. I don’t bother with others approval, but am impacted by the bad ones.

5. Usage Type: External activities update: “KKR amazing catch, Election coverage, NaMo is good ,bad or great types”

Are you one ?
Intent: Yes I am a pseudo intellect, I have an opinion too.