A Prologue to SISA

Sep 24, 2017 · 4 min read

Hello Everyone,

I am Immanuel Bratley, Co- founder and CEO of SISA, decentralized and democratized pool fund. I and my team will be available here for you to discuss our project and answering questions for the next few weeks to come.

SISA’s Vision is…

SISA wants to provide a disintermediate, decentralized and democratic access to a sophisticated platform to casual investor which is previously reserved to wealthy and well connected class. We believe we can overcome and disrupt all boundaries of traditional pool funds with block chain technology; alongside we wanted to create trust among users of this technology by providing transparent services.

The idea of SISA…..

The raw idea emerged few years ago while I was in my Business School, as management students we tend to observe markets and think of new ways to revolutionize them. When I first learned about pool funds it was kind of attracted me as it opens up gates to normal investor. However, the major drawback in pool funds is the individual investor has less control or no control over investment decisions as decisions are taken by fund managers. And one more weakness of pool funds is there is never a direct communication between entrepreneur and investor.

How can SISA solve these….

We have designed a platform where we can eliminate these weaknesses yet saving the benefits of the traditional pool funds offer, like professional money management. When I first came across block chain technology I knew this would solve some of the fundamental flaws in many systems. So I grouped up with some like minded people to create SISA on Ethereum blockchain. This basically gave the necessary transparency and trust; alongside block chain offered us the decentralization we dreamt of.

SISA introduced voting process in order to give investment making authority back to investors. SISA platform also provides the much needed professional help that investors need before making a decision. This way we can create a sense of authority among investors yet saving them from making blind decisions.

Also our platform enables investors to have a peer-to- peer discussion with entrepreneurs to clarify on any apprehensions they might have.

Behind SISA….

A fascinating combo of enthusiastic and experienced founders, business development managers, committed programmers, and crypto developers have gathered to create this exciting platform.

· Sunil Anthony — Data architect and an expert in creating distributed systems and database applications.

· Max Rafat — Full stack developer and expert in front end development and creative graphics

. David — Expert developer and specialist in Ethereum smart contracts and advanced Bitcoin blockchain technology.

. Mycherla — Experienced in internet marketing and an expert in business development activities.

We will also introduce our advisors and other team mates in the coming days….

My encounter with block chain…

I came to know about block chain from a good friend of mine back in 2010, since then I have been a passionate admirer of it and started investing in it. I have followed it through its gradual development, in this process I came across few like minded people and we made a team. When Ethereum came live, it answered to our questions, we thought this is going to be it, we decided our platform is going to be powered by ethereum blockchain.

How SISA works…

It is simple: we first create a pool fund, using the money raised through ICO, by issuing SISA tokens. Then we connect investors and entrepreneurs at one place. We carefully filters, at back end, which projects to be pitched on our platform for our investors to decide along with project viability report. Once the project is pitched it is investor’s job to decide whether the project gets funding or not, by casting their votes.

The project viability report provides the necessary technical and professional help investor needs, at the end of the process projects with desired percentage of votes gets awarded. And then investors can participate along with SISA team in monitoring the progress of the funded project. Every quarter the dividends will be paid out as agreed.

SISA Tokens and its use….

SISA tokens are a proof of membership. You can use these tokens for many purposes including representation of shares, in voting process and while receiving dividends and more.

Reason for ICO….

New ventures need funding in order to create an impact in the market or change the way the market operates. SISA wants to do the same by creating a tool called DPF (democratic pool fund), which we going to reveal along with our platform, which we think would be useful to all pool fund operators around the world. SISA also have plans to create block chain based business process management software and we need to recruit more human resources to achieve these goals. So we are in need of funds to accomplish what we dreamt, thence the ICO to raise funds…


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A decentralized, Democratized and revolutionary pool fund

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