Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read

New year greetings to all Investors and Supporters of SISA.

We apologize for not being active in recent times and we think we are obliged to explain the reasons to everyone. On occasion of the arrival of a new year, we thought to take time to explain things so far.

You all know we initially thought to host an ICO to sell our tokens to raise funds required for project development and subsequent investments we do as a pool fund. We even hosted a pre-sale as well in which some of you have participated. However, we somehow convinced to the idea of releasing tokens directly into exchanges without hosting an ICO, which is not usually happens. We really thought this step would be a useful expedient to gain the trust of willful investors. The subsequent saga of our efforts to list our tokens in various prominent exchanges is open to all. But this whole step which we thought a prudent decision did not yield the desired results. We were fall way short on the race of raising funds, lots of tokens are still unsold. This bad run must be attributed to various factors including our decision to directly put tokens in exchanges, insufficient marketing and down trending crypto market at that time so on and so forth.

Nevertheless, we have not taken aback on our promises, we still are working with limited resources to complete what we promised, but time, man power and quality are the major concerns for us right now, thanks to our limited funds. Our prime promise the DPF (Democratic Pool fund) tool is taking shape and we are slowly making progress. We are planning to launch the tool by the end of first quarter of 2018. And from Second quarter the remaining funds, whatever is remained, will be routed towards the purpose of investments in new projects through DPF tool.

And as the funds are limited right now, we are planning to launch our open fund in the second quarter itself to add funds for the investment purposes. One more important thing is that the process of recruiting financial advisors is still open, if anyone with good profile and willingness to join are welcome to approach over an email with your bio. And if anybody wants to recommend anyone to these positions are also welcoming to do so.

Once again, we thank everyone supporting us.

Best Regards,

SISA and Team.


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