I don’t know; this just came to me right now

…Thankful for Gallant in this moment…

You have thoughts. You think when…well you’re always thinking.

You have feelings. You feel when you dwell on your thoughts.

You have vibrations. You vibrate your feelings.

You have manifestations. You manifest what you vibrate.

Don’t try and control your thoughts; let them flow cause they’re sourced from various environments & are too many control.

You can control how you feel. It’s either love or fear. Love is freedom. Fear sucks. You can be free.

Let freedom be your primary state of vibration. Well, it’s what I choose.

In freedom, you manifest what you want. Freedom is God. If you’re in a state of love, you’re free & if you’re free, you’re God & if you’re God, you have access to everything that exists because you’re everything that exists.

Life is easy!

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