The Beginning

2016 has been my best year thus far. I have embraced a ton of growth and learned so much about myself, consciousness, life, God, souls, universe and all that stuff.

Lately, I’ve been exposed to many creative and confident minds who are willing to share their experiences on the journey of self love, awareness & growth. I am now inspired to also share mine via “inspirational quotes / posts?” I’m not a 100% sure yet, but we’ll see.

These insights have changed my perception on life. Like never before, self-love comes to me easily. I’m comfortable in my identity and unwilling to change for no one, really, no one.

It’s my hopes that I can inspire those on a journey of self love and higher consciousness to discover your soul’s purpose and the meaning of life. To make this beauty- life, as magical and fun as possible.

….. so without further bullshitting, here are some perceptions that have aided in my journey.

Rock with me and let’s all be the very best versions of ourselves. Remember: positive thinking is the key to success ! You always have a choice. ✨

Don’t stress it. If it doesn’t come to you easily, it doesn’t serve you and vice versa.

Change requires effort but shouldn’t be stressful. If it’s stressful, it’s not meant to be changed.

Love is understanding the free will nature that is inherent in us.

Love is freedom.

There’s no good or bad- only perception.

Inspiration isn’t doing what people want you to do. It isn’t doing what other people are doing. It’s being the most authentic version of yourself. It’s being comfortable, passionate & fulfilled in yourself. Then and only then can you become inspiring to others.