13 Reasons Why promotional image

Been binge watching “13 Reasons Why”, as a teen mystery drama, it’s eerily beautiful and if the message is to warn people in being careful of their acts and words, for that can cause someone pain and have a tragic butterfly effect, I think it works.

It also warns parents that although teen’s problem seemed trivial and selfish in our parts. It’s not for them, and ignorance could be fatal.

But what surprised me is that, I read in reviews some people see it as an Educational Guide in preventing suicide, oh boy I think it’s dangerous because “13 Reasons Why” in my opinion is missing some vital important parts:

What to learn from the parents?

The show showed how little she valued herself—and basic values came from home and childhood—she gravitated towards problematic people, and of all the troubles she had, she didn’t see her parents as a probable way of help. if the show had shown a more realistic view of what’s going on with the parenting, instead of a standard strong (albeit just a little problematic) protagonist, we could’ve learned from their mistakes.

What lies beneath?

Suicide overrides​ our basic instinct of survival, there must be some internal underlaying mental problem behind the nice facade. Bullying is evil and ugly, but most of the time it aggravates an already open wound. Yet the show didn’t portrayed it. We never get the intimate peek on how hannah train of thoughts formed, just the result. How can a smart beautiful girl, from a middle class family in a nice suburban community thinks suicide is the only solution for bullying. Or as a solution at all.

Had the show portrayed even the subtle signs of people with mental instability that are capable of killing themselves, we could learn to spot them and help them. Instead, she came off as a standard misunderstood girl. Who has terrible communication skill, if that.

So yes, it’s a dark thrilling drama with superb acting, but educational?Probably better go to a more experienced and professional resources.