Black sky

when the sun goes down

and the stars doesn’t shows up

what else will these people think,

from kids to all grown ups?

will they smile, or they will cry,

I bet they wont notice

the black sky for some while.

when the trust goes down

and it is shattered to dust.

what else can glue it,

except love love love.

I bet its rare, in world so bare,

life rottens in street and

no one seems to care.

when your own friend blows the horn

and makes you march on the thorns,

what else can be done,

I will walk it, bring it on.

I bet if they even know,

the pain beyond,

every one leaves like melting snow,

makes you weak and feel hollow.

when the rains is blowing on your face,

and the black thunder cries your pain

they hide your tears, they haul your fears,

when it settles, once again sky appears,

what else could be there?

other world, other sun, rising up the hills,

high hopes of which fuels my inner thrills.

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