Andela Kenya Class V Boot Camp

Day 2

If you’ve been following my previous posts, you’re probably wondering, Day 0, Day 1, of what? and what is this boot camp he keeps referring to.

Well, since Monday, 25/01/2016, I’ve been attending the Andela Kenya Class V boot camp in Nairobi, Kenya. The boot camp will run for two weeks. To find out more about Andela, please check out this link .

Now that’s out of the way, back to the third day of boot camp.

As usual, we start the morning with warm up exercises. Most of us (boot campers and fellows) now know each others names, which makes the games more fun.

During the morning class session, we continue looking at Python features. We discuss Lambdas, Data types, and Object-Oriented Programming. As we discuss each feature, we also write code. One of the features which seems to confuse us at first, is *args versus **kwargs.

The afternoon session begins with a discussion on how to make sure code works. Everyone gets a chance to talk, and the discussion mostly revolves around code/software testing, and Test Driven Development(TDD). We are also assigned a number of labs to complete.

On the first day of boot camp, we were informed that around half of the class wouldn’t get to participate in the second week of boot camp. This Friday, We will each find out whether we’ve been selected to continue. As we end the day, the thought one everyone’s mind is, it’s D-day minus two!

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