Day 1

Today, I’m early.

On my way to the boot camp, I meet with one of the boot campers(what a wonderful coincidence!) on the bus. As we slowly navigate through traffic, we discuss the boot camp, as well as the IT industry in general.

During the morning improv games, one of the Andela fellows leading the exercise asks us to reflect on how the games relate to our daily work.
To me, it seems that in addition to having fun, the games serve to sharpen our focus and alertness. I find that during the morning session of the class, I’m able to pay attention, and follow easily. However, in the afternoon session, after being served a sumptuous lunch, maintaining my concentration becomes a bit hard ;)

We start the morning class with a discussion on the various ways that code can be shared. We then proceed to a technical discussion on github, a source code repository hosting service. This includes a tutorial style presentation in which we carry out different exercises to familiarize ourselves with the github workflow.
We also cover loops in python, and end up having an interesting discussion on code readability versus efficiency.

As we wind up the second day, we are tasked to look into how we can make sure that code we’ve written works.

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