Felines of the Film Center

Celebrating KEDI, a love letter to the street cats of Istanbul

Still from KEDI, courtesy of Oscilloscope Pictures

Not to be outdone by the charming street cats featured in KEDI (May 19–25), we asked our staff for photos of their own feline friends. We received an abundance of pretty kitty pics (and some, ahem, “honorary kitties”) that probably should come with a “cuteness overload“ disclaimer.

Here are the cuties we come home to every night:

Blue and Koko

Blue (RIP 2016) & Koko (age 11)
“Talkative, affectionate, and persistent.”

“My family has had Siamese cats since the late 80s.”

— Karen Durham, Associate Director, Public Relations and Marketing

New Cat

New Cat* (age 8)
“She is very particular!”

*Her real name

Rebecca Hall, Operations & Digital Communications Manager

Other Cat

Other Cat* (age 6)
He is essentially a dog in cat’s clothing and also a big ham.”

*His real name. Also called “OC.”

— Rebecca Hall, Operations & Digital Communications Manager


“Me and my precious bb Izzy, the sweetest, sassiest best friend a girl could have ever asked for.”

— Lindsey Melnyk, Development Assistant

Miss Kitty (age 9)

— Barbara Scharres, Director of Programming



— Jason Hyde, Office Assistant



— Jason Hyde, Office Assistant

(Do you have a treat?)

Daisy and Eden

Daisy and Eden

— Benn Roy, Assistant House Manager

(But they look so innocent).

Honorary Felines: A few of our staff dogs begged for inclusion (so needy!), but since their owners made a strong case, we humored them...


Ace (age 13)
“Ace, our 13 year-old Siberian Husky is a dinosaur wolf-lion and, therefore, part cat.

He trots like a well groomed horse and is in one word: majestic.”

— Alissa Chanin, House Manager


Minnie (age 7)
“She’s lived with cats for the duration of her 7+ years, so she can be cat-like at times, i.e. very chill, engages in activities like licking her paws, and is skittish. But her canine tendencies come out when we arrive home (and she excitedly jumps up and down to greet us) and when there’s food on the table that she wants to eat (she takes food and eating very seriously).”

Karen Durham, Associate Director, Public Relations and Marketing (admittedly double-dipping)


Sophie (age 3)
“‘Shih tzu’ means ‘lion dog’ in Chinese — named for its little lion-like face — and in China, these pint-sized pups were prized as palace dogs.

Sophie’s super-independent and willful. She purrs when petted just so, never barks, licks herself clean, and loves to curl up on my window seat. My family believes she was raised by cats or is a cat in disguise. Or an Ewok.”

Lori Hile, Outreach & Social Media Coordinator

To enjoy more charming cats and the culture of Istanbul in which they live, see KEDI: May 19–25. For trailer, showtimes, or tickets, click here.