Admit the excuses you are not writing as much as you wanted

Sissa Granada
Apr 6, 2018 · 6 min read

Do you want to start your blog or are still working in that book you started once but got stuck in the first pages? I know, sometimes writing seems to be the most difficult thing to do on Earth, and for many reasons we feel demotivated. But guess what, that happens to everyone, maybe even everyday! Myself, I learned to identify and accept the terrible thoughts that pushed me back not to do it, and at the same time to ignore them and keep doing. Whatever the good or bad excuses you might have in your mind, just not listen to it and do it!

“I do not have time”

A great time management is the most difficult thing to achieve — for sure. I am not an expert in that, I am still learning. But one thing I know is that all successful people have such a busy agenda and they incredibly manage to do everything! And they have the same 24 hours in a day everyone has! They learned to expand time by simply doing their main activities very well done so they do not need to repeat or overthink. Myself, I noticed already that I need discipline either on taking action and getting things done and on obeying my decisions and not changing plans all the time. It really helped me to create a small routine, to establish and respect deadlines and to give myself a prize when I achieve a certain number of pages written. There are also plenty of online courses available on how to be more productive or how to manage time efficiently, just take the time to do it! Remember that improving ourselves in always a choice.

“I have to update all my social network”

It’s absolutely true that Instagram, Facebook and all other social medias are addicting and throw us into another dimension that we simply do not see time passing us by. Even a productive digital nomad friend of mine had his “crisis”: once he came to me complaining that he forgot to turn his Whatsapp off and that he lost one hour only talking to people about unnecessary things. At that moment, he decided to simply cuts off all social medias during the period of time he wanted to be productive or to write. There was a day that I radically turned the wifi off so I could not even be distracted in reading news or googling. I was entirely there to write. Again, I am not saying to be unsocial and forget about being active virtually. But I believe it is a good idea to create a management for social networks in our lives, whatever if you limit yourself to take 30 minutes a day to do so or if you pay a trainee to update all your social medias everyday — it is your choice of planning your agenda. The secret is not to let any media — including Netflix or the good old TV — consumes all of your time. Your time belongs to you!

“I will write later, let me do this first”

Do you also get distracted whenever you are at home and finally have available time to write? My case, I suddenly start to remember that I didn’t answer my emails friend or that I need to go to the supermarket because my cat has no food left or that maybe I should start looking for that healthy food course I always wanted to do… It is incredible how all those things come to my mind telling me to do everything else except writing — the thing I want so much! Did it happens to you? How is that possible? Seems like our brain likes to trick us and we need to be always aware of who is in control of our agenda and our activities along the day. If you separate the morning to write, just do it! Do not even start doing other things or you will easily go the other way!

“I am lazy”

That is the most common thought that I fight almost everyday… I prefer to sleep longer than to sit in front of my computer and act. Meanwhile this feeling of doing nothing turns into reading, eating, cooking, doing my fingernails, except writing. That proves that I was not lazy actually, but running away from my words and sentences and paragraphs to come. So, the challenge is just admitted laziness but still sit in front of your computer and start to write. Test yourself to see what happens.

“It’s not healthy to stay long periods in front of computer”

As it not healthy to overeat, to over exercise your body or even to party in excess! Unfortunately to sit hunched is a habit that all human being is acquiring due to usage of computer, tablet, smartphone and my bet is that everyone in the future will have back problems and will need to learn about the good posture. So do not worry, you are not the only one! Hey, I am not telling you to forget about your healthy, but there are so many ways to avoid posture related problems: buy the correct seat, respect your body ergonomy and prepare a workspace personalized for your size, do sports and stretching everyday, respect your break, eat healthy and much more…for sure a pilates or yoga teacher can give you more tips about it.

“I do not want to be a slave of my computer”

Well, you can choose to be a slave of your TV and get addicted to all movies and series, or be a slave of the transportation system of your city for going to your same old same job everyday, in the worst traffic times. Freelancer and digital nomads all over the world are using the “freedom side” of working from a computer: as just said, saving time with displacement to do whatever you want — going the gym or preparing a good breakfast, for example. To be a digital slave means worst! Have you notice a pattern of your mind to always complain about something and to resists to do exactly this thing? “My language course teacher is horrible and doesn’t know how to teach…”, “healthy food is difficult to prepare and expensive to buy…”, “computers will make all human beings a virtual slave…” All those resistances can be literally translated to “blablabla” and keep it up doing whatever you have to — which actually you want it to.

“I feel angry when my head is faster than my hands”

Wow! The flow of your ideas is so great some days that your creative mind simply runs over your speed of writing! That’s awesome! Which app do you use to record your voice and transforms instantly into writing? Have you tried one at least? Sounds perfect if you can do that, there are so many automated softwares voice-to-text nowadays, some even made for professional with paid support. I would say that if you haven’t tried none until now, you are simply turning your impatience into an excuse not to write. The problem is simple to solve: have the best tools! If that does not solve your “writing speed problem” then I am sure your hands uncontrolling thing just means some anxiety or lack of focus. Please, everything you need is to release it this energy or align it! I, for example, do not start any small activity in my day after doing some exercise — even if it’s only 20 minutes relaxed Yoga. The flow of energy in my body seems to give some time for my mind to really wake up and remember she has some work to be done. Try to find a physical activity that releases you!

“I must be inspired and wait words to come to me”

I do not believe in that simply because of a proven law in our universe which says that a body at rest will remain at rest. Check by yourself all Newton laws of motion and you will probably notice the same as I did: I noticed that only after I start moving, I can speed up. Nothing will flow from 0% to 100% instantly without a minimum effort. If you wait for the day that words will come to you spontaneously, you may wait forever! Let me describe you how it happens when I start writing: by the time I put some words in the paper, I start organising, choosing, thinking and when I notice I enter into the practice mood and I can fully write. No text is perfect with some work before, just put a little bit of movement and effort for things to flow.

Sissa Granada

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Multilingual crossmedia content to inspire cross cultural discoveries. Empathy & Logic mediator. Personality: HSP and ENFP

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