CSR in Tech Industry — “Doing good is good business”

CSR has become one of the buzzwords in business. They all do it: Microsoft goes with their principles-people-planet program, DELL offers a recycling program for people and offices, and IBM provides support to their employees who want to start a social project.
But how can business students gain essential insights into as broad a field as CSR when there are almost no classes that cover this topic? It is easier than you think.

The answer is Enactus
 Enactus is an international non-profit organization, operating in more than 36 countries, and at over 1,730 universities around the globe.

By believing in students who take entrepreneurial action to make the world a better place, they create a unique network of students, academic and business leaders.

Students get the chance to build up their start-up from scratch. They start from creating a product that overcomes a social problem, finding reliable investors or partners, and developing a business plan that fits all requirements of the triple bottom line until the final launch of their business. Everything is measured by financial and social KPI’s so that their achievements are traceable.

Gaining important insights
First, to have corporate social responsibilities, a Company has to create an opportunity out of challenges among their environment.

By following the triple-bottom line, Enactus students learn this way of addressing problems while facing real-world challenges.

Among others, they learn teamwork, leadership and communication skills while dealing with the pressure that their choices will impact real companies, employees, and people. Gaining these unique insights about balancing a company’s success with environmental and social responsibilities makes a valuable asset for both, the students and potential employers. The advantage of benefiting from CSR insights from a variety of projects can be the critical success factor for any company that is thinking about hiring a young talent of the Enactus network.

Talking social entrepreneurship
CSR is more than just drafting a code of conduct as seen in the previous examples of industry leaders.

To be good, you have to do good, and even more importantly, speak about it.

Students learn to create public partnerships by finding professional partners for their projects. Skills that are very useful for their work at a company. Furthermore, students will bring experience in how to use the key channel of influence: earned media. With exposure to international projects at Enactus, students gain experience in a variety of markets, and in a broad range of products.

Benefiting from a lasting Network
Being part of Enactus means becoming a member of a global network. Multinational competitions, international projects and uniting entrepreneurial spirit tie long-lasting knots between Enactus students across the world and among generations of students. These connections can be incredibly valuable while taking steps towards a successful CSR plan and both students and companies can benefit from this network.

All these techniques and experiences will help companies in creating clear CSR strategies, and in helping, graduates find a unique selling proposition within the job market.

No matter if you are a current student that has the grit to fight social challenges or an employer who is currently seeking for people with entrepreneurial, social spirit & “hands-on” mentality — get involved with Enactus here.

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