Quiet Thoughts

Last night, I fell asleep during meditation in bed. Soon after, it was almost as if I had a dream about him. I heard his voice in my head, I felt the warmth of his chest, and it was like I could feel what he was thinking. “Shh”, I hushed my mind that was unraveling memories with him and it was all so bittersweet. I tried to figure out what this meant. I could feel my soul wanting to leave my body to connect with his, but maybe it did already. Maybe our souls connected way before we were properly introduced. Anyway, the energy of him gave me comfort while I was sleeping. I remember a dream I had, but he wasn’t in it. I’m not sure what that dream had to do with anything, but it made me think about how I would carry myself as a girlfriend or ex girlfriend. I understood why Self-Care is so important. That made me think of him again. Could this be me falling in love with the idea of him? I won’t go on to list all the things that I love about him, no. But I can say, getting to know him more… out of all people, is probably my favorite thing to do. He is like no other man who have come across my path. This man, is becoming a King.

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