Reasons why I love being a(n unapologetically black) woman

Yes, this shit might hurt your feelings if you’re not black.

I wanna get real deep with you guys. Being a woman overall is phenomenal because of the power we have, naturally. Being a black woman however… Yeah, I have a lot to say.

My skin is like the mocha chocolate swirl iced coffee on a lovely summer evening. Smooth as molasses, sweet as honey, and thick as an Oreo slim ice cream sandwich, that’s me. My hair is as soft as an expensive pillow that even Donald Trump can’t afford. My curls will have your soul dying to feel the texture and get lost in it, like having sex in a glass door shower. Haha, let me not get carried away.

Being a black woman definitely has its disadvantage, whether you want to believe it or not. My black privilege will have Koreans follow me all around their stores in MY neighborhood. My black privilege will have Caucasian women hold on tightly to their purses as if my black ass have been plotting to steal that designer bag and everything in it when I KNOW good and damn well I couldn’t afford it (I’m from/live in Chicago — englewood. I refuse to get my ass beat, I’m too pretty for that) nor could I even allow the thought to come into mind. My black privilege will even have black men undress me with their eyes within seconds and they will speak to me as if I have “I love being catcalled” written on my forehead. My black privilege will have the white men give me that “white man smile and head nod” as if I give a fuck about their presence in the first place. But because I am black and I am a women, I tend to get away with a lot of shit. Such as, free train rides, smoking weed in the restroom of a cafe, “free weed”, free food, free money, easy & free access to an event that costs money, being let off the hook by the police, annnnnnndddddd celebrating New Years at some AirBnb owned by some rich white man and ending up having raw sex on his bed with someone who I think is just overall gorgeous. Some may say that I’m just “lucky”. Here’s why I love being a (black) woman:

  1. I grew up in a neighborhood where, if you weren’t doing anything that was original and or cool, you’d get judged for it. So… Being carefree, was almost like a get outta jail card. It was something that we KNEW how to be, for the most part. That’s like the first layer of overall blackness. The more carefree AND unapologetic you were, the better days you’d have.
  2. Being a baby in the family and watching the entire family grow up, my nurture game…. be. So. On. Point. My mom raised me and my siblings to be natural in every single aspect, which meant, “be happy if your hair is nappy and let him know you still gon love his ashy ass if he ran outta lotion because you got some in your purse”. Man look, when you’re a black woman, yo boyfriend (shit, any black man who is in your presence) is (in a way) yo son. You gotta take care of him as if he’s yo child sometimes — this doesnt mean to speak to a grown ass man as if he’s 10 years old.
  3. Because I came from a spiritual household (I’m talking about that Juju, that rootwork, that conjuring, that hoodoo, that “I’ll fuck you up if you dare try me” black [girl] magic), I am able to connect on almost every single level/aspect of understanding. At least I try. I am able to work my magic to heal self and others.
  4. Black girl magic to infinity and beyond, to be honest.

I love being a black woman because there’s so much independence, so much power that motivates and inspires me to go deeper in my roots and learn more about my history. I love being a black woman because of how my skin shines when the sun beams on me, giving me that beautiful dark skin tone. I love being a black woman because there is literally so much magic that’s made for me to discover and rediscover on my spiritual journey. I love being a black woman because of the strength my ancestors wore on their backs, so when times are hard, I am reminded that I’m living proof of my ancestors’ blessing. I love being a black woman because in the Bible, it said we are god’s children — lemme give you some examples.

Us black women, we are so fucking talented and creative, that “other people” love taking credit for our hard work and claiming it as their own because they don’t have any originality like black folks. We are so damn intelligent with the remedies that “other people” called it witchcraft and eventually claimed it as their own as well. Literally anything that we do, wear, say, etc… we hardly get recognized for it. We’re god’s children, blossoming like flowers in the magical garden just chilling, doing our thang until “other people” wanna pull our roots out of the ground because it “looks so pretty” on them if they wore it (in the Bible, the “other people” would be considered as “fake Jews”). No shade, just facts.

I love being a black woman because we literally run this muthafucka. And the “other people”… they know that shit, which is why they kept killing our babies and our men.

Black. Is. Beautiful.