What Happens After Death?
D.J. McKay

this was a very interesting and beautiful read! I think that life after death continues. Your spirit/soul never really die. And I also think the belief system that we all have as humans, can go a long way depending on what you choose to believe. Not many of us can view and take in on different ideas/perspectives BECAUSE of the fear we may have that prevent us from discovering and understanding on a deeper level (of consciousness). We attract what we believe! And if believing in SOMETHING brings us hope and gives us faith, so let it be. However, fear will always get in the way of fully knowing what is and what isn’t “real”. Fear itself is a camouflage mask that supports anything on the level of weakness. I think the real question is, when you die, will you be forced to understand the consequences of your actions or will you be forced into just plain… nothingness? *whispers* no one really knooowwwsss