Twenty One

What it’s like so far

I remember looking forward to being this age. When I turned 21 on November 15th, my life felt as if it was in this beautiful surreal magic show. I say this because at some point, whatever I thought about… whatever I had day dreamed about, turned into reality. They came to surface. The power of manifestation is as real as Chance the Rapper’s love for Chicago. I remember writing in my journal at the end of the day, just thanking God, the universe, the ancestors, spirit, etc for any surreal moment I had. But as time went on, the “magic” didn’t feel so magical… At times like those, I wish I had a magical wand. For those who are still reading, I want to share the biggest lessons that I’m still learning to this day… I hope that they’ll inspire you to be a better person than you are now, or to at least give you something to think about.

  1. Have faith. Because when you have faith, you have power. Faith is what holds your strength altogether so that you may accomplish goals in your life journey.
  2. Letting go. When you let go of things that no longer serves you, you make room for growth. And with growth, you are able to view things more clearly. You are able to learn from karmic lessons. Letting go and detaching yourself can be difficult sometimes… but another thing about having faith, is that it’ll somehow force you to keep your head up, move on, and move forward.
  3. You create your reality. In order to achieve, you have to believe. In order to believe, you have to see it in your mind. Ever heard of the saying “speak it into existence”? It doesn’t always work when you have dark clouds above your head. Clear your mind, become a visionary. Know that YOU hold the power on the tip of your tongue. You create the rules, but always be love.
  4. Love wins. Literally. I beat my depression by channeling my energy in forms of love. Meaning that, whenever I felt as if no one cared, I’d relive the loving moments in my heart that I told myself I’ll never forget. And every time I look back into the past, I always find myself having an epiphany or simply just realizing a lesson I had to learn. I end up falling in love with me all over again. ACCEPTANCE IS KEY. I’m practicing to be love, even though I struggle with it because I’m always expecting something when I know I shouldn’t expect much.

And last but not least…. Number 5. Patience. My sun is in Scorpio, ascendant in Sagittarius, and moon in Leo — it can be TRICKY being patient and having patience! It’s challenging! But I’m learning that with patience, comes along something so beautiful.

January through April were suuuupppeerrrrrr challenging for me, financial wise and love wise. It felt as if I was going through hurdles after hurdles after hurdles. And just when I’d think things are good, BAM, another hurdle; all because of who I was spending my time and energy with. People will be in and out of your life for a reason… one of the reason is because there’s something to learn from one another, whether they’re a good influence or not. Whether they’re mature or not. Sometimes who you spend your time and energy with, however, isn’t always the case… it’s literally how you operate. It’s how you react and respond to a situation, a message, a person, etc. Sometimes you attract those who are just like you in some way and you may not even like them completely! You can’t attract better things if you are resistant to change/if you fear of the unknown.

Being 21 so far… is a lot of work. For me, it’s just the beginning of adulthood and I may not have it all figured out right now, but I do believe that by the end of the year, I’ll be able to share more of the biggest lessons I’ve learned.

You live and you learn. Always.

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