Women learn to protect yourself

Earlier this week I took my very first intro to women’s self defense class. It was offered through my job and and was extremely informative. Let me tell you, living in Brooklyn and riding the subway, and walking around this big city you need to be able to protect yourself. A few years ago when I was living in Atlanta I had a Peeping Tom. Yes, honey a peeping tom! Living alone I was terrified!!

So I’m going to share with you the few things I’ve learned. I encourage anyone to take the class as for readers with children, nieces and nephews , they also have self defense for them as well.

The instructor went over the 5 basic skills to self defense. I didn’t think any of the techniques would work for someone like myself 5 foot nothing 125 lbs, but they do! If you don’t have your wooden bat, pistol, or pepper spray handy then here are “The 5 Fingers of Self Defense.”


Danger can come from anywhere, you have to always remain alert and be aware of your surroundings.


Use your voice, sometimes when we are in shock we don’t breath. When you yell or speak, it allows you to breath as well as bring awareness to the situation. Also, it lets the other person know to back off and gives you the opportunity to get away.


Running should always be your first option. When the the opportunity presents itself run, get away from the attacker and return to safety.


Although this was my favorite part of the class, this should always be the last resort. If you are able to run by all means do that first. If you have to be physical go for vital parts of the body. For example

Vulnerable points on the body


Tell anyone, a cop, your mother, a friend, anyone. Break the silence and share what happened. Letting other knows what has occured is important because it allows you to recover and brings awareness to women’s safety.

Ensure you are equiped with tools needed to protect yourself. If you are in the NY/NJ area, I have provided a link below for an upcoming Wonen’s self-defense seminar that is FREEEEEEEE.. sorry I get excited about anything free.


Please share this article with anyone in your life, it is important information for everyone.

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