How I Became Sister Rosa, pt. 1

Finding Sisterhood

Lil’ Macy, Sister Alice & me

But, like so, a VICE article ended up changing my life.

It was a rather eccentric article named The Stoned Immaculate; Meet the Weed Nuns of San Joaquin Valley, accompanied by an equally cryptic image of a two somber-looking women in farm clothes and nun’s habits gazing into a camera — each of them embracing a large bundle of cannabis.

Ugh. I can’t believe they even let me come. My language is so dry I could wipe tables with it.
Sister Kate, Rudy and Sister Kassidy preparing for a North Dakota Pipeline protest, 2016.
Another image from my first visit in the Sisterhood.

To be continued…



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Sister Rosa

Sister Rosa

Social Anthropologist. Sister in the Sisters of the Valley. Writer & Copywriter.