How to Stop “Reply All” Before it Starts

By Derek Ruhland, Content Manager

We’ve all seen it. Someone sends an email to a long distribution list, and soon after, notifications start pouring into every recipient’s inbox as people click “reply all” to share such crucial information as, “copy,” “will do,” and “received.”

For most people, the go-to solution to this problem is to mar the end of their well-crafted email with “DO NOT REPLY ALL” in a large, bold font. Not only does this not work, but it’s counterproductive to the aim of the email itself. Is that warning really the piece of information the sender wants standing out in front of all others? No, especially when it is so often ignored anyway. There is a better way.

Bcc means, “Blind Carbon Copy.” The name is a holdover from the days of typewriters, but it is still a useful feature in the age of email. Bcc got an extremely bad rap when email first started to take over for paper in business communication, because the “blind,” meaning invisible, aspect of it led to people sending replies out to an audience that was wider than they thought, sometimes with embarrassing results. Because of this, Bcc is the brunt of jokes from Dilbert to Office Space, but it’s not an evil feature! It’s useful when used for good! Preventing reply all is as good as it gets.

Anyone you put on a “Bcc” list will receive the email, and they will be able reply to you and anyone in the “To” or “Cc” lists, but if they “Reply to all,” their reply will not go to anyone else listed on the “Bcc” list. For example, if you send an email to SIS top staff, pick one person to address it to, and then put in the Bcc field.

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