Banner reading “Drop the Ball on the Prison Wall” that was held up by Portland Antifascists on NYE 2018.
If it made noise, we made noise with it!

In front of the “Justice” Center (which is a polite euphemism for jail) the anti-fascists sent 2017 out with a literal bang. As an act of holiday solidarity, over a dozen people converged on Chapman Square to pull off a noise demonstration to to show solidarity with prisoners, and of course keep up the rally against the police state. The air was bitingly cold, but that did little to quell the noise-makers, who chanted, shouted, sang, and played music over a loudspeaker in an effort to reach through the concrete walls of the monolithic monument to inhumanity to let the people trapped inside they are not alone or forgotten.

Some of the activists that braved the cold to show solidarity and support to the incarcerated.

The statue in front of the jail was soon adorned with a sign proclaiming “I’m Glad Reagan’s Dead”, a gold party hat, and a cigarette placed in between the father-figure’s fingers. Music was played over a loudspeaker, and some danced with colored smoke bombs. A blonde woman started a call-and-response chant of “A-C-A-B! All Cops are Bastards!” that echoed through the streets. People banged on bowls, drums and even the statue itself, as other cities across America did the same. Thankfully, due to the lack of far-right radicals, it was a peaceful event, the only casualty being some singed fingertips from sparklers.

Keeping up a Portland tradition!
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