What Makes Sisyphus Coffee Table So Unique?

Have you ever heard about the story of Sisyphus? In Greek tales, Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra, who Zeus punished for cheating death twice and forced him to roll a massive rock up a hill.

Ace developer Dr. Bruce Shapiro took the inspiration from this ancient Greek tale and turned it into an epitome of kinetic art for the home using a layer of sand and beautiful patterns. When it comes to combining technology with kinetic art, the Sisyphus coffee table stands out from the other.

After becoming part of several art installations worldwide, this unique coffee table is now available to level up your living space.

Why Choose Sisyphus Coffee Table Over Others?

  • The coffee table comes with a strong, welded steel frame and perfectly finished circular-cut wooden panels, and a sheet of tempered glass that serves as a tabletop.
  • A metal ball is placed under the glass top, making different kinetic patterns where the magic happens.
  • The company also provides a free app, Sisyphus, available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can connect to the coffee table via WiFi. The app allows you to access more than 200 tracks.
  • The table has a magnetic system installed in it that controls all the balls’ movement, making different patterns and designs on the sand. There are two motor robots on the table that holds the magnet.
  • Each track creates beautiful serene sand art patterns in the sand glorified by RGBW LED lighting’s fantastic shades set in the table’s sides.
  • You can change the track, ball speed, colors, patterns with the app’s help. Moreover, the app also allows you to create your custom track playlists.
  • You can easily connect the Sisyphus coffee table and app without any technical assistance.
  • Be it old or contemporary, the modern and artistic design of the coffee table can perfectly fit in with most styles of home decor.

The Sisyphus Team has also developed a robot known as Sisbot and embedded it on the table. This robot controls the metal ball on the sand calmly and gradually forms beautiful meditative mandala-like patterns. Sisyphus coffee table is a lovely piece of art and technology.

This is because the table beautifully blends art design and tech into a stunning kinetic sculpture. Using the WIFI feature of the coffee table, users can connect their smartphones with the table and change the track and beautiful mandala patterns as per their choices.

The Sisyphus app developed by iPhone and Android users provides access to more than 400 tracks that can create more than 160 stunning sand patterns. Moreover, To ensure that the Sisbot robot works efficiently, the company tests all Sisyphus sand ball tables multiple times.

Bring a Sisyphus coffee table Today!

These handmade and perfectly finished coffee tables from Sisyphus are the perfect options for those who admire technology and art. These artistic and unique coffee tables will match not only your budget but also complement the decor of your living space.

Sisyphus coffee table has completely revolutionized the art world and transformed an ancient concept into an artistic masterpiece that changed people’s views towards art and technology.

So if you are looking for a metallic and wooden finished coffee table to suit your living room’s decor, you must check out this Sisyphus coffee table to hold your drink, laptop, or even your breakfast.

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