LCD Love

The last time I saw LCD Soundsystem live was 2010 when they released “This is Happening”. It was the first time in a long while I’d listened to an album the whole way through and kept doing so. On repeat. I was smitten, so it seemed sensible to see them live. Little did I know it would be their last UK date for 6 years.

The gig at London’s Alexandra Palace was an odd one. We arrived in plenty of time to get in. But that cold November night the organisers seem to have messed up and we spent most of the time in the queue, arriving halfway through Hot Chip’s set and missing the chance to get drinks. The crowd was oddly hostile, not letting us get through and get a decent position. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable at a gig. But I was mesmerised. I couldn’t take it all in really; they played songs I hadn’t heard and stuff I didn’t know. But the energy, the lights, the control and the build and goddamn James Murphy being his affable self.

After that gig I devoured the previous albums. I immersed myself in their back catalogue, and emoji heart-eyed “45.33”, “Someone Great” and “All My Friends”.

And then they split. I watched some of their final gig from Madison Square Gardens NYC on a shonky live stream. I waited patiently for “Shut up and Play the Hits” to come out, attending a sort of live screening with the band on a Google Hangout before that was even a thing. I saw James Murphy interviewed at Red Bull Studios by Matt Everitt. He was as gracious as I expected in person but I was too shy to meet him properly.

Yes, I got the DVD, yes I obsessed over it. Then I saw Murphy DJ at a DFA Records night at the 100 Club.

And then in December 2015 they announced their comeback.

Fast forward to Saturday 15th July 2016 : they’re the headline slot at LoveBox. I can’t really believe I’m going to see them again after all this time. That’s all I’m excited about apart from getting glitter on my face.

This time the crowd was more welcoming. Everyone around us knew the words, we danced as one. The lights, the overhead camera shot!. The cowbells! Nancy’s fuschia pink top! The set was perfect, delivered with gusto, new twists on old songs. And I fell in love with them all over again.

When do they announce the new album? See you down the front.

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