VRUK Festival 2017

Well here we are again. Around six weeks ago, we got the news we’d been successful in our funding bid to run VRUK Festival again. It was a huge surprise and a challenge we set ourselves to pull together this year’s event for July.

In case you’re thinking it’s easy to run an event you’ve done before — it isn’t. It’s like the difficult second album. You’ve had the critically accepted hit, now you’ve got to deliver the goods again.

We did a lot of jamming, a lot of sampling and a lot of listening to other people’s music. We had to. It’s no secret that there are a lot of VR events out there: the market is almost saturated with them. We toyed with a VR film festival, a VR awards ceremony but they very quickly fell by the wayside.

Why? Last year our funding was kindly provided by Creative Skillset and our target audience was film-makers. This year, we’ve been lucky enough to be supported by the Arts Council which shifts our lens to content creation and how artists and the cultural sector are embracing virtual reality.

The evolution of Google Tiltbrush, Mozilla’s A-Painter and Gravity Sketch has meant new tools for artists to express themselves and bring their work to wider audiences. As an educational institution we’ve been approached numerous times for “VR artists”; many of our alumni are already working in 360 , unity development and pushing the boundaries alongside film-makers and content creators who are all active in the medium.

With this in mind we wanted to focus on people who are actively creating content across the genres rather than a list of case studies and thought pieces on the future of VR. As usual we’ll have hands-on workshops and an exhibition space where you can sample the latest content from a whole range of companies.

Of course, we have a few surprises up our sleeves which we’ll announce in due course but we do hope you’ll join us on 6th & 7th July for a really special event. Do sign up here: http://www.vrukfest.co.uk/buy-tickets/