Announcing SiteSee Collections

SiteSee was initially created because we saw a problem that needed to be fixed

We couldn’t find a web inspiration gallery that was easy to use, well-designed, or had it’s users in mind. We thoughtfully created SiteSee to solve our self-imposed problem, and hoped that others would find it useful as well.

Approximately 6 months have gone by and we’re very grateful for all of the news articles, blog posts, tweets, and whatever else has been done to help us grow. We’re also grateful for all of the constructive criticism and feature requests we’ve received. Even our Chrome extension is the result of such a request — a user requested one, so we built and released it within a week. We believe that’s what will always set us apart from everyone else. Our users are our priority, and we will continuously iterate over SiteSee to ensure that it always serves its users well.

After a few months, our team sat down and tried to answer the question of “what’s next?”. A lot of great ideas came out of that discussion and we immediately began working on them. We already loved SiteSee, but we wanted to love it even more.

Today, we’re proud to announce SiteSee Collections

We’re grateful to now be at a point where we receive hundreds of submissions each month. Our curators carefully browse through each submission and feature the very best in our gallery. The problem is that we’ve always wondered “what happens when a user finds a site they like?” and “how do users compile and share lists of sites?”. Collections were created to answer those questions.

Users can now sign in via Twitter and create collections of their favorite sites for personal use or for sharing with colleagues, clients, and friends. This is much easier than using a bookmarking service or copy/pasting links into emails.

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Other updates

While working on collections, we decided to also dig through our Twitter DMs and emails to find the most requested and most logical feature requests from our users.

1. Joint selection of tags and colors:

Lots of users wanted to search by tags and colors at the same time. This feature was already on our roadmap, so we didn’t hesitate at all.

2. Image loading:

Previously, the sites in our gallery loaded in the ugliest way possible. The entry’s title, date, and blue background would appear before the screenshot began to download.

Now, site screenshots still download asynchronously, but appear in descending order after download. We also pushed this update to our Chrome extension a few weeks ago.

3. Pagination of filtered results

We already had pagination on search results, but not on filtered results. This caused lots of users to download unnecessary screenshots and experience slow page loads.

Now, only 12 sites load at a time and they utilize our image loading technique.

4. Better modals

This one is self explanatory.



5. Speed

SiteSee was already fast, but now it’s faster! We refactored everything on the server-side and added a bit of client-side rendering, where needed.

What’s next?

We’re already working on another feature that will be released within the next 2 months. We’ll share more details as we approach the launch date.

We hope SiteSee Collections and all other updates released today will be well-received. As always, feel free to email or DM us with any feedback or suggestions.

– Your friends at SiteSee