We’re the sore losers? Excuse me?

You’re mad people booed Mike Pence at a Broadway theatre? Have you heard how you’ve treated Obama over the last eight years?

What Clinton supporters look like right now, supposedly.

What would America look like right now if Hillary Clinton had won? Probably no different. We wouldn’t be gathered together on the National Mall doing bipartisan trust falls. I’ve seen enough news (fake and otherwise) to know that we live in a country of dueling realities — like two estranged roommates who both somehow swear it’s the other leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Whoever won, the other half would be furious, scared, and any other number of perfectly natural emotions that one experiences when things don’t go according to plan.

But when liberals lose, as any number of conservatives will tell you at the moment, expressing anything but quiet acceptance of their conquest constitutes fragility, immaturity, or — as we’re being portrayed now, being a so-called “sore loser”.

Never mind that as recently as August 2016, 72 percent of Republicans expressed uncertainty that President Obama was born in the United States. I need not recollect how much of the past several years has been spent watching Republican Senators and Congressmen/women and Governors fighting tooth-and-nail to do anything that would so much as seem like they got along with Obama (unless they really needed something at the time). Never mind the promises from several prominent Republicans to block any nominee Hillary Clinton might have ever proposed.

And it would be one thing if Trump had accepted his victory in a manner that indicated he had the slightest notion that he received fewer votes than his opponent. Say what you will about Clinton, she would have been politically savvy enough to pick people with some form of cross-aisle appeal. Rather than homophobic, civil-rights-opposing, white nationalist, Muslim haters. I look forward to having cause to reconsider this list as he announces more names, but the fact that Trump has shown he holds no regard for the legitimate concerns of diverse Americans give them little choice but to continue to express their fear in protests and by booing when Mike Pence shows up at Hamilton.

And yet even that is portrayed as leftist whining. After months of hearing huge rallies chanting that our candidate should be locked up or worse for a crime of which she has never been found guilty. By people who mock us for our safe spaces and our occasional proclivities for Starbucks and our political correctness — who then take great offense when we do or say anything that may offend them. When we fear a highly-ramped-up level of government control and influence in our daily lives as people of diverse nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, races and religions — the very same sort of governmental overreach that these conservatives claim to oppose.

We aren’t being sore losers. We’re just being smart. And not letting you use your own whininess to gaslight us into thinking it’s we who cannot handle reality. We understand the situation all too well. And that’s why we’re speaking up about it.